Bridal Splendor kicks off 2013 bridal season in grand style


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - These next two months, you will be seeing bridal shows pop up all over the area.

It is that time of year, but the one that kicks things off every year in our area is the annual Bridal Splendor at the Holiday Inn in at the Utica Business Park in New Hartford.

Dozens of vendors lines the hallway and ballrooms.

Meanwhile, hundreds of brides to be, and some grooms, plus plenty of family members, all chomping at the bit to make the happy couple's once in a lifetime plans.

Renee Leininger who owns Match Marketing which is the promoter of the event says the 2013 version of Bridal Splendor is once again a one stop shopping experience, where brides realize how big of a project they have ahead of them.

Leininger said, "You know they may have helped out a friend, or attended a wedding, but when it becomes your responsibility, to play host to a minimum of 100 guests, now it's one of those things where it's on you."

Amy Montanaro came to Bridal Splendor with her fiance Justin Eaton, both are from Vernon and both fell in love with the photo booth that has quickly become a popular thing to have at weddings.

She said, "Yea, it looks pretty fun, it could get a little crazy."

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