Building where shooter Kurt Myers barricaded himself caves in


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) -- After years of neglect, the roof of the old Glory Days building crumbled, collapsing three floors and a wall and shaking the apartment next door.

"I was so scared because it's attached to our building. I was scared, so scared and I called 911 and I said, 'I'm terrified,' and I was shaking and I couldn't breathe," said Deborah Bates, a resident.

A codes officer viewed the destruction from the roof of the apartment building and assured the mayor there's no immediate danger.

"We made sure there's no danger of this building falling forward and onto the street and we've been reassured that's not likely to happen," said Village of Herkimer Mayor Anthony Brindisi.

But, it was the second time since moving here Bates laid awake all night fearing for her safety. Last year Kurt Myers hid inside the abandoned building after killing four people.

"We had a cop with a long gun in our back yard here and he was over there all night and my husband happened to be at Rite Aid when he was killing people across the street at the car wash," said Bates.

Looking down on the destruction from the roof next door you can see the floor where Myers barricaded himself from police.

"Every time you see it, it's a reminder of March 13 of last year and the loss of life and suffering that affected so many people in the community," said Chief Joseph Malone of the Herkimer Police Department, who responded to the scene.

For that reason, victims' families and many community members hope the building will be torn down, but that will be up to the owner.

"Our hands are tied until that individual either repairs it or decides to demolish it or fixes it, whatever the case may be," said Mayor Brindisi.

In the meantime police have roped off the alley adjacent and say they will monitor it day and night.

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