Candlelight Vigil held in Mohawk


MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) - A day after the tragic shootings in Mohawk and Herkimer hundreds of residents came together in a candlelight vigil Thursday night. The gathering was held in Mohawk's Weller Park to remember the four victims shot to death at John's Barbershop and Gaffey's Fast Lube and Car Wash.

"I just knew I needed to be here tonight," said Christine Kennedy who grew up in Mohawk. "I didn't know why, just knew I needed to be here."

"We're a really tight knit community and I just wanted to show support for the people that lost their lives yesterday," said Alicia Ceneviva, a junior at Mohawk's Jarvis Junior- Senior High School.

Whether they knew the four victims or not residents stood together lighting candles, sharing thoughts and hoping nothing like the senseless shootings ever hit their communities again.

"Yesterday I was terrified, I was safe in school I felt very safe there but when I got home knowing that that guy was still out there it was a little nerve racking," said Ceneviva.

Although a tragic event for the community, many people said the vigil helped them get through the hard times bringing everyone together.

"I don't know a lot of people here and it just shows that we're all together," said Ceneviva.

"It's love that what it is true unconditional love, maybe not for one another but for the town and the village and the people that live here we all pitch in when needed," said Kennedy. "This is my way of trying to help them."

The candlelight vigil was organized by Freida Watkins, a senior at Mohawk's Jarvis Junior-Senior High School.

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