Central Valley Academy Thunder go down in history


ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - Mohawk and Ilion school districts pride have been combined into one, and Friday night it was exemplified during the Central Valley Academy's very first football game.

The night went down in history as soon as the members of Central Valley Academy Thunder's football team stepped onto the field. Jon Cole, the Head Coach of the team said, " Tonight's insane. You know you don't get to start over often...and the playoff tonight going to make history. These kids have felt it for three days now, they are excited to play, were exited to get this going."

When Mohawk and Ilion combined and became Central Valley Academy School District they were forced to become one identity, an identity that the football players say they have easily adopted, " It was a lot easier then we thought it would be. We all grew up together and we've all been friends so it wasn't as hard as everyone thought it would be," said football captain Tyler Urich.

The two communities who came out in support of their new football team said they were just as pleased.

The goal is for the team to play well enough to make sectionals.

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