Chief's wife accused of stealing thousands from Schuyler Lake Fire Dept.


SCHUYLER LAKE, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Lori Lamb is married to the chief of the Schuyler Lake Fire Department, but now she's accused of dealing a devastating blow to their finances.

"It was quite a shock to everybody that this happened," said Gale Kimsey, the treasurer for the Schuyler Lake Fire Department, as well as the Schuyler Lake Fire District. He was in charge of the department's money for 28 years before taking medical leave in April 2013.

"I keep the books to the penny. I felt back-stabbed after I found out the money was taken," he said.

Lamb took over when Kimsey left and when he returned in April this year, he found the books were full of holes. Thirty-thousand dollars of taxpayer money from the Town of Otsego was supposed to be paid to the fire district. Instead, Lamb is accused of wrongly depositing it in the Schuyler Lake Fire Department's account and taking nearly a third of it. She's also accused of taking approximately $20,000 the Schuyler Lake Department raised through donations and truck pulls.

"It has a devastating effect as far as money-wise, we're really in the hole and the morale of the fire department has been hurt by somebody that we trusted taking all that money from the fire department," said Kimsey.

Lamb, 42, is facing felony charges of grand larceny, forgery and falsifying business records. But, it's the Schuyler Lake Fire Department that's responsible for returning $30,000 to the fire district.

"I'm hoping that we get some restitution because otherwise it will take quite a long time, probably years to recover all the money she's taken," said Kimsey.

Lamb is expected to appear in the Town of Richfield Court on June 24, but the Otsego County District Attorney's office will take the case from there.

NEWSChannel 2 reached out to Chief John Lamb and Lori Lamb, but no calls have been returned.

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