Cold weather makes for busy days for AAA: Tips to keep your batteries running


UTICA, N.Y (WKTV) - AAA deals with hundreds of calls a day when the temperatures drop below zero, and Thursday was no exception, with roughly 50 calls an hour about dead batteries coming in amid the frigid temperatures and more than 100 people waiting for a jump start to their car.

Ed Welsh of AAA says that a car battery loses half of its power when the mercury hits zero.

"If you have an 800 amp battery at 60 degrees Fahrenheit, at zero out, you have about 400 amps," Welsh said. "It loses half its power at zero."

He offered some tips to avoid waking up to a dead battery, including backing into your driveway or garage, charging the battery a little at a time overnight to make sure the battery doesn't freeze up, and don't bother with dry gas. Welsh said today's gas has ethanol in it, which he says is basically the same thing.

AAA not only offers roadside assistance, but battery replacement as well.

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