Contract terminated in sale of Country Manor


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Herkimer County Legislature met Wednesday night, discussing a number of issues including the dissolution of a contract with the company said to buy Herkimer County's adult home, Country Manor. The legislature voted 15 to 2 to terminate the sale with Advanced Healthcare.

The adult home costs tax payers a few  thousand dollars a year, according to Vincent Bono, Chairman of the legislature, " It's not that we're trying to get rid of it. For years it cost tax payers $700,000 this year and traditionally we can no longer afford to do that."

Advanced Healthcare Management LLC was said to purchase Country Manor more than a year ago, but the process is still pending and has been at a stalemate.

"Many counties, one to three counties that have facilities like this, most are divesting themselves," said Bono, " Many have divested already of nursing homes and adult healthcare."

Although the county voted to get rid of the contract the company can still express interest in purchasing the adult home.
"We will meet on Monday the 30th after and discuss plans on the next step for the legislature," Bono said. If not, he said it will be sold to another company or closed completely, to the displeasure of some including JoAnne LeClair from the Civil Service Unit Association.

LeClair said, " The ultimate hope is that the county leaves Country Manor as is, a county run facility keeps the people I represent in jobs and keeps necessary service in this county."


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