Councilman James Zecca to run for council at large

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Current common councilman and Democrat James Zecca, has had a change of heart. Zecca previously screened for Utica Common Council President however Thursday night he threw his hat in the ring for council at large.

In a statement Zecca said, "After the Democratic Party decided to endorse the incumbent Council President, I have decided that it's time to work together and move the city forward. Furthermore, as a councilman at-large, I would continue to have a vote on important issues that come before the city council. This allows me to continue pushing for reforms and legislation that's important to the people of the entire city. I'm confidant in my record and my service as a district representative, and feel that the city as a whole will benefit from this same philosophy of putting the people first. With an open seat in the at-large position coming up, I look forward to a spirited and positive campaign."

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