Crime increases with rising temperatures: UPD targets "quality of life" issues


 UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Summer time means summer crime, which is why the Utica Police Department and the City of Utica take a proactive initiative in preventing crime.

According to Lieutenant Steve Hauck, historically, as the temperatures increase so does the crime due to the fact that in the winter people aren't as active as they are in the summer. He also says in order to combat the more serious offenses, UPD tries to target "quality of life," issues in the city.
"Because we found if you address the quality of life issues, the noise, the littering in the roadways, all those things," Hauck said. "If you address the small things the bigger things drop off as well."
The City of Utica is also involved in the proactive approach to keeping the streets crime free and clean with the mayor's "quality of life sweeps," which UPD participates in. Hauck says this is just another way to diminish criminal activity.
According to Hauck, two summers ago the greater Utica region saw an increase in crime but last summer it was down.
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