Day 3 of Donald Hughes sexual abuse trial

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - On day three of his sexual abuse trial, jurors in the case of long time local correction officer Donald Hughes heard several accounts of the alleged abuse...from Hughes himself.

Hughes is accused of sexually abusing two girls whose lives he'd been in since birth; who knew him as, "Poppy".

Wednesday in Oneida County Court, jurors saw videotaped interviews between Hughes and state police during which he says bad judgement due to loneliness caused him to touch the little girls, or make them touch him.
Hughes: "For an instant..."
Investigator: "How did her hand actually get down your pants?"
Hughes: "It was...not forceable but, just, worked down to it."
Investigator: "Your hand guided her down?"
Hughes: "Somewhat, yes. It was nothing pleasureable."

During a jailhouse interview with his mother, Hughes tells her he messed up, and that it's serious. He tells her he had a child inappropriately touch him, perhaps to see if there was any feeling 'down there'.
Mom: "Oh, Don why did you ever do such a silly thing?"
Hughes: "Half asleep...could have been to see if I have any feelings down there."
Mom: "Yeah, but you shouldn't have done it with a kid...(laughs)"
Hughes took the witness stand on his own behalf Wednesday, describing instead a very innocent interraction with a child, which he claims was misinterpreted.

"I was watching the TV and noticed that her head was in my way so instead of moving her around I just guided her head down on my lap and I was, she was watching TV," said Hughes.

Hughes' attorney will continue questioning him on the witness stand on Thursday, then the prosecutor will question him. Once his testimony is concluded, the attorneys will make their closing arguments and then the jury will get the case, most likely on Thursday.

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