Debate over dissolving Village of Whitesboro heats up


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) -  The village of Whitesboro keeps getting closer to dissolving into the town of Whitestown.

On Tuesday, the Village Board will set a date for a vote on whether or not to dissolve the village.

Nearly 300 people signed a petition to asking for a vote on the dissolution.  Village Mayor Brenda Gilberti says people who want to get rid of village government don't really know what they are getting into.  Under state law, a plan to dissolve the village can't be created until after the vote.  Gilberti says the savings won't be nearly as much as people think.

"The existing debt the village has will become the responsibility of the tax payers," she said.

Gilberti also says the process to dissolve and consolidate village services won't be cheap.  The process could cost upwards of $100,000.

Ed Misiaszek, one of the leaders of the dissolution movement, says the short term costs will be worth the long term savings.  He says it doesn't make sense to pay town and village taxes for the same services.

"It's identical services," he said.

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