Efforts underway to revive the Upstate NY manufacturing industry


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) -- If you've ever eaten a slice of pizza at Yankee Stadium, you've tasted the dough from DeIorio's.

But, they want to provide to more customers. So what do they need? More dough. Sen. James Seward (R)- 51st District, announced a $250,000 grant Thursday to help them expand.

"These are already paying dividends helping to create more than 40 new jobs right here in Herkimer County," said Sen. Seward.

Plus, they're looking to hire 19 more employees just this quarter.

"Expansion is very important, not just for us but for the area as well," said Jim Viti, vice president of market and sales.

The money is also going toward a new assembly line that pops out millions more personal sized pizza crusts. Plus a new freezer, ovens and the ability to make pizzas with toppings, not just dough and crusts.

"I'm smiling, so it's great. It really is good to know we're in a growth mode," said Viti.

Announcements like these give hope that the 20 year decline in manufacturing may be turning around. Just a few miles away at Herkimer County Community College, Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy was bolstering Gov. Cuomo's proposed zero percent income tax rate for manufacturing companies like DeIorio's.

"The point is to lower the cost, lower the taxes on these companies so they create jobs and keep jobs here as opposed to leaving the state," said Lt. Gov. Duffy.

DeIorio's says initiatives like this will help their nearly century-old company keep thriving and help others do the same.

"You'll have more capital to spend in other areas and the primary for us is to focus on broadening our customer base and additional sales which would mean additional workers. That would definitely help," said Viti.

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