"Exit 33" grand opening at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino


VERONA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Today marks the grand opening for the new entertainment complex at the Turning stone Resort and Casino, "Exit 33." Hundreds of people attended the ribbon cutting and listened to Ray Halbritter and others involved give a few words about the momentous occasion.

The resort includes four new venues, The Gig which is a rock and roll club, Tin Rooster which is a BBQ restaurant and dance hall, The Atrium Bar, a lounge featuring a sushi menu and Turquoise Tiger, a sophisticated lounge straight out of the 1940's film noir.

The complex is said to be one-of- a kind in New York State, and the Oneida Nation representative and Nation Enterprises CEO, Ray Halbritter said that he's proud to have done what some deemed, unthinkable.

" We were going to build a world class four diamond spa, golf courses, worthy of the greatest golfers in the world, open five star restaurants in Central NY and bring some of the most famous and outstanding entertainers on the planet... they said it couldn't be done..not in this area.. But we did it."

Exit 33 has already done wonders for Central New York including the addition of 300 more jobs. Charlotte Cotter from Clinton said she is going to be coming to the Turning Stone casino more often.

" It's wonderful this is great... He's done a beautiful job. Whatever he does Mr Halbritter, he does a great job. I think its wonderful and he uses local construction people which I think is very important."

Exit 33 may also increase our areas tourism. Kelly Blazosky, the President of Oneida County Tourism said, "When people learn about turning stone and learn about all the avenues here from the fine dining to the golf and spas they are always taken back and really marvel at the level of expertise when the turning stone does a project and this will put them right on the map again."

Tourism is already a 1.2 billion dollar industry in Oneida County and the trend over the past few years has been an upward one.

Blazosky said, " We're in our 4th year of an seeing increase... in 2012 we had a 5.7 increase over 2011 so we see that as a trend.. Investments such as this and additional new hotel properties throughout the county are all a good upward trend signatures."

Blazosky feels additions like Exit 33 sets Oneida County as a leader in tourism for the state.

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