Final instructions delivered for school merger vote


ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Board of Canvas was given final instructions on Monday night so the members will be prepared for the school district merger vote between Ilion and Mohawk Schools on Tuesday.

A representative from the New York State Department of Education went over the procedures that will take place Tuesday when the polls open at noon.

The first order of business was to elect a Chairperson for the Board of Canvas. William Lenox was nominated and voted into the position.

When residents in Mohawk and Ilion go to vote Tuesday it will be similar to the last time they voted, the lines will be split alphabetically. One change though for Mohawk residents, the vote will now take place in the cafeteria.

Both the newly elected Chairman of the Board of Canvas Willam Lenox and the Interim Superintendent for Mohawk Schools, Eugene Beirne say now all anyone can do is wait for results of the vote.

"It's up to the voters," said Beirne. "Everything has been laid out by law. That's my responsibility and Mr. Tangorra's and the district superintendent. We followed the Commissioner's rules and regulations, so we have done our part."

"It's been an excellent turnout, the last time, the last two times actually and we're hoping for a strong turnout tomorrow and it's really up to the people of the Valley to decide what they want," said Lenox.

Another thing the State Representative discussed Monday night was something called "a right to challenge."

If you are in line to vote and see someone you don't think lives within the district- you can challenge that person. They in turn would have to sign an affidavit assuring they do in fact live in the district, and they would still be able to cast a vote. Any appeals would have to be done at the state level.

After the polls are closed, the results will once again be read inside the gym at Ilion Jr. Sr. High School.

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