HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Flood victims throughout Herkimer County sought help and answers at a State Department of Finance Mobile Command Unit in Herkimer Thursday. The agency regulates the insurance industry. Experts, including the commissioner, answered insurance-related questions for flood victims. "If you look someone might have a clause that covers, for example, sewer backup. And if some of your damage is from your sewer backing up, even though it was a flood, that was in your homeowners policy, you might get coverage," said Commissioner Benjamin Lawsky. Homeowners in Herkimer County are starting to get their minds around the possibility that the federal government will not declare local counties federal disaster areas, paving the way for federal aid. Claudine Grande, of Herkimer, watched the flood destroy decades worth of belongings in just 20 minutes. One minute, her basement was dry... "I went down again 20 minutes later...there was water. My refrigerator turned over," said Grande. Grande is aware that the Governor, still fighting for federal help, isn't very optimistic about FEMA stepping in. "Yeah, he said that but I think we have enough damage. They should and the president should sign it. I hope," said Grande. The flood of 2013 is just the latest in a series of challenges in the life of Helen Young, of Mohawk. "Well basically it was the five and a half feet of water, took my furnace, my hot water heater," said Young. She isn't waiting for the federal government to decide if the level of damage and suffering in local counties warrants their assistance. "I'm a believer you don't set back and wait for somebody else to do something for you. Take care, do it yourself, and we have people to help us. We're all going to be in trouble but you can't set back and wait," said Young. The State Department of Finance Mobile Command Unit is headed to Oneida on Friday.