Flooding anniversary brings closure, memories for Little Falls businesses


LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - It's hard to forget the image of this underground creek empowered by heavy rains ripping through the floor of a Little Falls pizza place.

But even in the face of wreckage, Carl Rovetto stayed positive.

"We'll restart again as soon as possible. We'll get going again," said Rovetto in 2013.

One year later that couldn't ring more true.

"From day one I was here every day and night," he said Friday, one day before the one-year anniversary of the massive floods.

Now, the floor is patched and state aid replaced appliances. After running a limited operation for months, Ed's Pizza Place is remodeled and fully open for business.

"Nothing but compliments. People are surprised what you can do with a little hard work and help," he said.

Next door the flooding also barreled through the hardware store.

"We had cans of paint that were down in the river, down in the canal, anything floatable was gone," said James Metott, owner of Little Falls Hardware.

Since the flood, contractors rerouted the underground creek that runs underneath the Main Street businesses and widened it, allowing for more water flow and giving business owners peace of mind.

"I believe we'll be safe now," said Rovetto.

But, even with mitigation efforts, shelves restocked, windows replaced, you'll find one piece of the flood left behind- scraps of mud on the wall of the hardware store left by four feet of water.

"That leaves a reminder of what can happen," said Metott. "You still have that fear that it's going to happen again. Whether it will go away you don't know, whether it will happen again, you don't know, but the thought is always there."

But, while the fear is still fresh, there's also healing.

"If you really believe in doing something and you stick with it, you will achieve what's in your mind. That's my closure," said Rovetto.

No matter how much time passes these owners say they'll never forget the help they received from the community.

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