For local firefighters, tragedy in Webster hits close to home

UTICA - For members of the Utica Fire Department, the tragedy in Webster hits close to home.

Local firefighters said they are saddened and shocked at the news that two men are injured and two men dead after a gunman opened fire at the scene of a blaze.

"You wouldn't want something like that to happen to one of our brother firefighters," said Mello Testa Jr., firefighter at the Utica Fire Department.

Now, local firefighters said they are taking extra precautions to stay safe on the scene.

"Just watch our surroundings and hopefully nothing will happen like that here," said Testa.

Testa said the tragedy will not stop him or any of his fellow firefighters from doing what they do best: helping others.

"It is always in the back of your mind to be careful of your surroundings but I am there to treat someone or take care of the situation but there is enough of us on the scene so hopefully someone can watch our backs to make sure we don't have issues."

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