Former Jarvis School in Mohawk suffers flooding


MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) - As if merging two school districts didn't provide enough work, the new Central Valley School District (Ilion and Mohawk) has suffered somewhat extensive flooding on the first floor of the former Jarvis School in Mohawk.

Come September, it will be Central Valley Middle School.

Industrial-strength dehumidifiers in the school gym pump water into 55-gallon drums, which have to be emptied two to three times a day. The library floor had to be ripped up and there was an inch of mud in the boys locker room. Giant fans take on the monumental task of decreasing moisture throughout the school. These and other, more minor repairs throughout the district will come with a nearly $1 million price tag.

"I mean, the estimate right now is $980,000 and it's certainly nothing that we had planned on having to spend but the board did pass an emergency resolution so that we could...and this has to be remediated," says Central Valley School Superintendent Cosimo Tangorra.

Tangorra hopes it will be short-term borrowing, and if FEMA doesn't reimburse the district for the work, the State Education Department will.

Tangorra says there are no plans to delay the first day of school.

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