Frankfort-Schuyler students told to raise their voices


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Students at Frankfort-Schuyler High School are being told to raise their voices- to the government that is.

When Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi asked the auditorium of eighth through eleventh graders if they complain about not having anything to do in Frankfort, almost all of them raised their hands.

"You want to do something about it? This is your chance. You want the village board, you want the government to listen to you? They're here listening," said Assemblyman Brindisi, (D) 119th Assembly District.

By forming a youth council, students will have a forum to discuss their needs- whether that means student programs, employment or anything they feel is lacking.

"That way when the city or the village is formulating their budget, they know where they can allocate resources to try to attract youth and keep youth in the community," said Brindisi.

A Utica student, Delvin Moody, also inspired the crowd talking about the youth council he created at Proctor High School.

"You have to make your voice heard, that's it," said Moody.

Just last month they gathered 150 students to rally in albany for more state aid.

"We got the funding that we need. All of that happened through the youth council," he said.

Not only will this boost student involvement and lead to the development of more programs, Brindisi says it will be a powerful punch on a resume. Students say they're excited to make their home a better place.

"A lot of kids just kind of go out and party, but with this council I think we can do a lot to prevent a lot of this stuff from happening and I think overall this is great for the community," said Gianni Disano, an eleventh grader.

"Every government doesn't listen to youth and the youth makes up a huge population. We're the future," said Josh Reid, a student.

Students can start applying for five open council positions and they'll start meeting in the fall. This youth council was established specifically for the Village of Frankfort, but all students from the high school are invited to attend the meetings. They're also hoping to establish councils in the towns of Frankfort and Schuyler as well.

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