Great weather for 8th Annual Brothers Forever Ride

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - It's become an annual tribute to a Utican who gave so much to his community, both on the job, and off.
On Saturday, fallen Utica Police Officer Thomas Lindsey was remembered throughout Oneida County in the 8th Annual Brothers Forever Ride.
Lindsey was gunned down during a traffic stop on April 12, 2007.
Retired Utica Police Sgt. Alban Uryniak was instrumental in getting the ride started the very year Lindsey was killed, and remains on the Ride Committee, "After a while memories fade and people see a roadside marker and only those folks who maintain it may remember, but if you do something like this, it keeps the memory alive and it gives back to the community and that's the best way to keep a memory going."
Another of Lindsey's brothers on the Utica Police Department at the time of his murder was Capt. James Watson, who has also since retired from the force.
Watson says this ride and this entire day each year is filled with emotion, "Once you get on the motorcycle and the bikes start moving, you really start to think about Tommy and his sacrifices.   It's a moving experience."
The ride raises money for the Thomas M. Lindsey Foundation which provides kids in the area thing they might not otherwise have, like school supplies and money to go Christmas shopping during the Annual Shop with a Cop program.
The Brothers Forever Ride changes course each year but typically the riders travel right around 70 miles throughout Oneida County.
Dave Townsend, retired New York State Assembly member and retired Oneida County Sheriff's Investigator says this ride is truly an event that shows the ultimate community spirit, "I think all of Oneida County, not just the city of Utica, but all of Oneida County County when you come together for events like this."

Thomas Lindsey was 32 years old when he was killed.  He would have turned 40 on October 1st, the day the Brothers Forever Ride Committee plans to raffle off a motorcycle in Lindsey's name, to raise even more money for the Thomas Lindsey Foundation. 

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