(WKTV) Senator Joseph Griffo (R, Rome) is urging Governor Andrew Cuomo to reward the schools that turned their work in on time. Griffo says the teacher evaluation system is a difficult process for many schools. Districts have been told for months now that failure to file the evaluations by the deadline could lead to the district losing millions of dollars in state aid. Now- the deadline has been extended- by nearly a month. In a letter to Governor Cuomo, Griffo writes "At a time when the challenges of funding education in this state have never been greater, and school districts all across this state have committed themselves to reform by investing countless hours in developing and submitting teacher evaluation plans, i believe that these schools that have done their work and met all required deadlines should be rewarded for their efforts." The New York City School District has not handed in an evaluation yet. That district stands to lose between $200 and $250 million. Griffo is proposing that Cuomo take the money from the schools that did not submit on time and divide it up between the schools that did. "Districts have been told for months that failure to file by this deadline could lead to the revocation of millions of dollars in state aid. At a time when we in Albany are requiring responsible action on the part of all branches of government to use existing resources to the fullest, I believe that money in aid that would have gone to districts that failed to meet the deadline should be reallocated and sent to the many schools – some very small with minimal administrative staffing – that rose to the challenge.”