Harvard hopeful looks to community for help


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) -- A student like Hilda Jordan doesn't come around too often. She has a perfect GPA, she's president of the student council, is a three-sport varsity athlete and none of these successes have come easy.

"She's from a single mother and you know she has to work as hard as she can getting rides places and she always does what she has to do to get it done," said Charlene Mazur, Jordan's AP chemistry teacher and volleyball coach.

This summer she has the chance to learn from Harvard University professors and earn eight college credits over the course of six weeks. For this aspiring lawyer, it's the opportunity of a lifetime.

"I know to be successful in the future and to attain all my dreams, I have to do programs like this, things that will challenge me, things that will make me better, that will give me opportunities and open doors. Going to the Harvard summer program would open another door and another pathway for me," said Jordan.

But right now, the door in front of her is only half open. The summer program costs $11,000, money she simply doesn't have. Harvard gave her just over $4,000 in aid, but she was given only two weeks to come up with the rest.

"She can do whatever she puts her mind to and it would be a real shame for finances to hold her back," said Mazur.

Proctor High School and the community are helping raise money, but with the deadline fast approaching, it may not be enough.

"It would be heartbreaking, but it would be another experience that life has given me. I feel extremely blessed just to be accepted into the program and to see all the support that I have from my community right now," said Jordan.

Hilda has to raise $3,000 more by Monday. If you would like to donate, make checks payable to "Mohawk Valley Frontiers" and send to:

Hilda Jordan
1218 Ash Street
Utica, NY 13502

Or you can call (315) 982-4210 and you can arrange a time for Hilda to come pick up the donation.

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