Home, car crimes on the rise in: Tips to stay safe

By WKTV News

UTICA, NEW HARTFORD, (WKTV) - Police in several municipalities say residents should be on the lookout for suspicious activity especially as we move into the holiday season. They say it's important to report strange activity as soon as it happens in your neighborhood.

In Utica, home and vehicle burglaries are on the rise, especially in the areas of Dunham Road, Tyler Terrace and Oneida Street.

In New Hartford, areas hit this past month include Arlington Terrace, lower Higby Road, the area surrounding Valley View, and also in Washington Mills.

Also, police say four cars were stolen in the month of October in the Village of New Hartford.

Police are offering the following tips:

Always lock your car.

Always lock your home.

Don't leave your keys in your car.

If you're shopping, make sure to conceal the items you've purchased in the trunk of your car or under your seat.

If you notice suspicious activity, report it immediately.

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