How Facebook Graph could invade your privacy

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UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV)- What you need to do to protect your privacy with Facebook's newly launched graph search.

It's a search tool developed to rival Google, helping you out with recommendations on people, places and businesses. It could also change the face of dating and job recruiting, but at what price?

We talked to local identity theft expert Michelle Tuttle about what you can do to protect your privacy.

" You're giving identity thieves more pieces of the puzzle," Tuttle said.
"They'll be able to form a pattern. They'll know what restaurants you like, what you are doing places you frequently go."

Sound okay still?
Think about this: While you're out travel ling, or out and about, you can use the tool to find out what friends, or friends of friends are in your area.

Still sound cool?

Those friends of friends also know where you're not.

" If you every year go on vacation, they're going to see that every time you post that so they can start to build a pattern. "

On a networking site that hosts a billion users plus, from every corner of the world, graphic could be fun, but it could also be downright scary, depending on what you post.

" The whole world doesn't need to know that you are going on vacation or where your going or that you're going to be out of your house Friday night at a concert in Syracuse," Tuttle said.

The site does offer controls that Tuttle, other identity theft experts, and several civil liberties unions, all agree you should use.

Go to the privacy settings and adjust them so that all of your information is not public.

Here are some tips:

You can find people based on things they've shared with you, including their interests and profile info.You'll see results for friends who share their city with you, people whose city is set to Public, and suggested results based on info shared with you.

TIP: To control who can see your current city, edit this setting in your About tab on your timeline.

You can find photos you and your friends have posted or been tagged in.
Others will see any photos they can see on Facebook, including photos hidden from timeline.

Tip: You can review photos you've shared or have been tagged in. Photos that are untagged but not deleted can still be discovered by others on Facebook.


Discover things like restaurants and music through your friends and connections.

Tip: To review or remove location tags of you at any time, go to the Posts You're Tagged In section of your Activity Log.

Right now Graph search is available in beta and you have to sign up to be put on a waitlist for when it is available in your area.

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