How much snow is too much snow on your roof?


(WKTV) - When is a good time to think about getting all that snow off of your roof?

Local contractors say once roughly two feet of snow has accumulated on your roof, you might want to dust off the roof rake.

Contractor Mark Major says, ideally, you want to shovel or rake three to four feet back from the eaves. Major says snow and ice build-up can lead to water back-up... and lots of interior damage.

"You're going to have ceiling damage, insulation damage, mold, if you don't get to the core of it," Major said. "Your insurance rates possibly might go up then your contractor's arguing with your insurance adjuster how much he's going to pay because they don't like to pay too much."

Heavy snow is presenting other, more immediate problems on the outside of homes throughout central New York.

"About 1:30 I woke up, heard this crash. I thought it was just snow falling off or a piece of ice until I got up this morning, looked out the window and saw all this," says Allen Stuart of New Hartford.

"All this" was Stuart's two cars, buried beneath his collapsed carport.

Major says it's wise to hire a professional to remove excessive snow from your roof and excessive amounts of ice from your eaves and gutters. Contractors can use steam and chemicals to melt the ice.

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