Ilion residents lose part of their yards to a mudslide

By WKTV News

ILION, N.Y.(WKTV) We've seen a wide range of damage from the devastating flooding over the past week, but now there's word some homes in Ilion may be in danger of becoming part of a mudslide.

The homes are along Maple Place and the yards back up to Russell Park where there is about a 75 foot drop off to the park below.

Well now, the backyards of two of the homes have dropped between about 5 and 10 feet down the embankment.

Bobby Hamilton had his deck and pool collapse, he says it looks like a bomb went off, "We can't stay here, it's too dangerous, we've got to get out of here."

Hamilton says if that part of his yard collapsed already, he is worried the rest of the yard could give way as well, and so could his house,

Valerie McPeters lives right next door. Her yard also fell several feet. Her shed is now about six feet below the earth right in front of it.

She says she called her insurance company and was told she isn't covered, "I mean you pay all this money for insurance and you'd think they's just come out and look at it, this is a major problem, this isn't just something small."

Ilion Mayor John Stephens says he was out of town this weekend but does plan on meeting with these residents personally as soon as he can.

Meanwhile the Ilion Fire Department has been out to Maple Place to make sure people are safe, they were out again on Saturday.

Acting Deputy Chief Thomas Pedersen says there's not much the fire department can do.

He adds this isn't the first time this has happened, "We've had it up in another part of the village, up on View Terrace, where we've actually had a couple houses that have been condemned over the last five years or so, just because the hills have eroded, but not up here, this is our first time we've been up here."

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