Interfaith Service to be held Monday night


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Local leaders of faith are hosting an Interfaith Healing Service Monday night in Herkimer.

The service begins at 7 and is being held at the First United Methodist Church on North Prospect Street in Herkimer.

"I think there was an immediate desire as a pastor, all of us have our own congregations and our people and we will be providing our own care, but I think there was an immediate desire to come together as a community, said Reverend Janet Gleason.

Eight leaders of faith from Herkimer and Mohawk will come together at the church to host the service. They are hoping hundreds of community members will join them. "Inspite of all of our differences and all of our uniqueness and all of the gifts that those things are. There's a time and a place for a common bond and a common hope and I think that's what that means," said Gleason. "In the midst of something so community shattering, that we can come together as a community and put aside those differences and I think that's community at it's finest."

No one will be preaching inside the First United Methodist church Monday night. Instead, this service will be filled with prayers and moments of silence. Some readings are planned and at the end they will light candles and join together in song.

"I want it to end with a sense of hope and a sense of empowerment. We're going to sing 'This Little Light of Mine, Let it Shine' and I think that's the other message," said Gleason. "We don't have to live in fear, we will not live in fear. We may never have answers and in that time we say let there be peace. Let us reconcile and make peace with those things that we don't have answers for."

After the service, attendees are invited downstairs for more discussion and refreshments.

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