Keeping it simple on Election Day


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A local state senator has joined forces with an Oneida County Election Commissioner to make sure the general election three weeks from now doesn't become a free-for-all marked by confusion and unfamiliarity with the new voting machines.

This will be the first general election using the new, ballot-reading machines statewide. A state comptroller's report found that 44 of 57 New York counties reported voting problems on primary day. That's why on Tuesday, with exactly three weeks to go before the general election, Senator Joseph Griffo and Republican Oneida County Election Commissioner Pamela Mandryck met with voters at the North Utica Senior Center to talk about their concerns. Mandryck says she's aware that many people are apprehensive about learning a new process, but that the new way of voting is extremely simple.

"This is not rocket science; this is so so easy," Mandryck said. "If your kids have ever done a bubble test at school, if you've ever played the lottery, all those kinds of things. You're going to walk in, sign in just like you always did. They're going to give you your ballot, you're going to go to a privacy booth, fill in the bubbles for the people that you like and feed it into the machine."

Griffo is working with local television stations around the state to produce and air a video in the next two weeks, detailing the new voting system. Commissioner Mandryck says the Board of Elections will also be sending a mailer, explaining the process. She also says that a new method of reporting results should get early numbers out more quickly than when lever machines were used. 

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