Local flood relief organizations recruiting individuals to support flood recovery process


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The flood of 2013 left many people with destroyed furniture, demolished homes and a hole in their hearts which is why many organizations like Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG,) a subgroup of Herkimer Oneida Organizations Active in Disaster (HOOAD) were created. HOOAD and LTRG have made it their mission to help the flood victims who are still suffering, and are currently recruiting businesses and organizations for more support in the flood recovery process.

LTRG's chair, Les Radford said neighbors helping neighbors is what it's all about, especially when individuals are still cleaning up months after the flood, "I just want to point out the purpose of this meeting is to acquire more folks to work in committees. We're not asking people to give two years of life...just as they can and what they can. Organizations are important. The more we can get, the better,"

Besides the physical help, Stanley Newton, Chair of HOOAD believes these individuals need emotional support, " I think when people are going through these disasters and crises they feel all alone and the organizations coming in and helping and surrounding them and giving them support they at least have somebody they feel they can depend upon and can lean upon and there's not a feeling of loneliness."

Their first big business volunteer was Raymour and Flanigan. The company donated $20,000 dollars worth of gift cards to the organization. Randy White, the Yorkville store's manager said their business is happy to help, and he believes other businesses should donate.

HOOAD-LTRG are looking for contractors, volunteer groups, faith-based groups, religious leaders, community leaders, social service organizations, mental health providers, government, disaster case managers, and fund raisers.

If you or your business wants to volunteer and support HOOAD and LTRG you can contact them at 765-2527.

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