Local woman competing in Million Second Quiz

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UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) -- The Million Second Quiz is taking NBC by storm for the next 10 days. The trivia game show hosted by Ryan Seacrest debuted Monday and on Tuesday, a local woman headed to New York City to participate.

"I want to be in that money chair. That's the most exciting thing. I want to actually make it that far and just get to experience that," said Amanda Boston of Yorkville, N.Y.

Contestants race to answer trivia questions in an hourglass shaped, outdoor set in the middle of Manhattan. It's a battle for the money chair, where you can earn $10 for every second you're sitting.

Contestants don't just play in person, they compete with players at home too, which is how Boston got picked.

"Last week on Wednesday I downloaded the app on my iPhone and I was playing it and then I  reached a certain number of points. I think it was 3,500 or something like that. I got this pop up that says you're a line jumper," she said.

She was recruited to a casting call in New York City and then, "last night around 5 o'clock, they called me and they said to come down that I was pre-cleared to play," said Boston. "I said sure I'll be there."

She already has big plans for the massive $2 million prize.

"I worked with kids who have to be in wheelchairs and who have like a lot of sensory needs and everything. Kind of like my dream is if I do win that kind of money would be to make an amusement park or playground in our area for kids with disabilities because there's nothing like that around our area," said Boston.

And here's a twist you don't see often. Contestants coming out ahead better be ready to eat, sleep and breathe trivia, because you live there while you keep winning.

"All she told me on the phone was if you're feeling particularly lucky pack a toothbrush, but I ended up packing a backpack," said Boston.

So, it's safe to say she's feeling pretty confident.

The game show is happening 24/7on live web feeds and airs every night at 8 p.m. on NBC through Sep. 19.

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