Local woman delivers baby in car on April Fools


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) -- A local woman gave birth in her car in the middle of the night, giving two parents the surprise of their lives.

"I was in shock. I was in total shock," said Jill Esford.

Jill and John aren't new parents. They have two youngsters, both born past their due date. So when their third came early, they were caught off guard.

"A lot of friends and family did not believe us," said Jill.

That's because Giovanni made his surprise debut on April Fools' Day. Jill started having contractions late at night on March 31, so John quickly called his in-laws to come watch their younger kids. They headed to the hospital, but didn't make it very far. Jill gave birth right in the passenger seat in front of their home.

"As soon as I started to put my feet in the car, his head popped out and my mom was there to catch him," said Jill.

"I called 911. The 911 person was wonderful, walked us through it and we were running in the house getting towels and blankets back and forth. It was quite a scene," said John.

For EMTs that respond to their share of bad calls, this one made their night.

"It was a wonderful experience. You're lucky to be able to be an EMT who has seen a child birth or delivered a child and share the joy with the family as opposed to consoling them which is more often the case," said Lt. Stephen Barrie of the Whitesboro Fire Dept. who responded to the emergency call.

When John called his sister-in-law the next day he had a lot of convincing to do.

"She says, if this is a prank I'm going to get you when I come home. I said, 'I'm a jokester, but I'm not going to call you at 1 o'clock in the morning to tell you we delivered in the car. It's legit,'" said John.

Mom and baby are happy and healthy, but with an April 1 birthday, it's likely this won't be Giovanni's last prank.

"He'll be like his father," said Jill.

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