President Obama lays out national strategy on education

By WKTV News

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WKTV) – President Obama laid out three proposals in a speech on college affordability at Henninger High School in Syracuse Thursday. He says his proposals will shake the education system.

“Higher education should not be a luxury. It's a necessity, an economic imperative that every family in America should be able to afford,” said President Obama to a room of teachers, students, parents and politicians.

The president’s three steps include incentivizing colleges to do more with less, working with states to give schools higher priorities in their budgets and increasing competition between colleges.

“Colleges that keep their tuition down are the ones that will see their tax payer funding go up. We got to stop subsidizing schools that aren’t getting good results, start rewarding schools that deliver for the students and deliver for America’s future,” said President Obama.

It's a speech that many in the audience could relate to.

“My son is 36. He still owes on his student loans from back when he was 19 years old,” said Charlene Porch, a speech attendee.

The superintendent of the Syracuse School District says it was just the motivational back to school speech students need.

"I think that his message will make students believe or help them to understand that they can apply to college and can go on to college so it was very exciting,” said Sharon Contreras, Superintendent of the Syracuse School District.

In the melting pot that is the Utica School Distirct, where over 40 languages are spoken among the student body, one former mayor says these incentives are a necessary step forward.

“For a lot of those children that come here especially from other countries to our city and the immigration to our city, to get higher education is very difficult. So this initiative he’s put forward, I think will really help those people,” said former Mayor of Utica David Roefaro of Utica,

President Obama will wrap up his 2-day bus tour on Friday with stops in Binghamton and Scranton, where he will be joined by vice President Biden.

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