Locals wait in line for new Apple iPhone 5S

By Gary Liberatore

Remember the lines back in 2007 when Apple released its first iPhone? Well, they were long.

Friday morning, there were once again lines for the seventh generation of the iPhone -- the IPhone 5S -- but the lines were considerably shorter.

In New Hartford, just before 8 a.m. Friday morning, when the doors to local stores selling the new iPhone 5S were to open, there were four people in line at Best Buy at Consumer Square, about a dozen at the Verizon store on Seneca Turnpike and about two dozen outside the AT&T store at Consumer Square.

Christina Sarandrea of Clinton was one of those in line at the AT&T store.  She says she got in line around 5 a.m., and compares it to her last iPhone line experience.

"I waited for the 3G at the old AT&T store from eight at night until eight in the morning," she said.  "This is a little easier this time."

Anatoly Bondarchuck of New Hartford was first in line at the Verizon store.  He says he arrived there at 1:30 a.m.

"I was actually in Long Island on a work project, so once I got back, I parked my car right there, so I can get my phone," he said. "I said 'I'm not going home and passing out, not waking up in time.' "

Besides a new operating system, the iPhone 5S has fingerprint recognition technology.

The 16G IPhone 5S retails for $199.00, the 32G is $299.00 and the 64G is $399.00.

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