Dirty Politics? Man heading movement to dissolve village arrested for removing sign from his lawn


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - Ed Misiaszek, of Whitesboro, says he's the target of dirty politics at their worst, after he was arrested over the weekend and charged with criminal mischief and petit larceny for removing and disposing of a sign that someone placed on his lawn without his permission.

Misiaszek is spearheading the movement to consolidate the village. It was a "Save the Village" sign that someone placed on his lawn. Misiaszek calls the arrest "stunning" and says he is speechless and disgusted.

"I have to go to court. Now the guy who posted it without my permission doesn't have a court date. I don't know why. This is absolutely stunning to me; he can post something on my property without my permission. It's just phenomenal," Misiaszek said.

Whitesboro Police Chief Dominick Hiffa was not present for Misiaszek's arrest, but says the man did not try to convey that the property upon which the sign was placed was his. Misiaszek, however, says he used a map of his property made by the engineer who surveyed it when he bought it to show the arresting officer that the sign was placed on his property...but says the officer didn't want to hear it.

Misiaszek has contacted an attorney. Police Chief Hiffa says if it is established that the property was Misiaszek's and if Misiaszek files a complaint, trespass charges against the individual who placed the sign on Misiaszek's property would be explored with the Oneida County District Attorney's Office.

The highly-controversial issue of consolidating the Village of Whitesboro goes to the voters in the form of a public referendum January 4.

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