Mascots, school colors narrowed down for Central Valley Central Schools


MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) - The new merged school district in the valley already has a name, now students will soon be voting on a new mascot and new school colors.

The Student Identity Transition Team for the Central Valley Central School District met Monday night to narrow down the options that will be presented to the student body for a vote.

After looking at several images that could go along with each mascot, the group narrowed the field down to the following mascots choices.

- Eagles
- Wildcats
- Panthers
- Patriots
- Thunder

One transition team member says while coming up with this list has been a challenge, he thinks they've come up some great options for fellow students. "I think that we finally narrowed it down to some good choices that will allow the students to vote on quality choices that will create a new identity for the school," said Ian Wiernicki. "I think a lot of kids are very excited to see what comes and to see where the new school goes."

The color schemes have also been narrowed down to 3 choices.

- Black, Silver & White
- Navy Blue, Silver & White
- Black, Gold & White

Now the color choices and the images that go along with each mascot will be sent to a graphic design artist in california named Hal Hefner. Hefner is a Mohawk graduate who is offering his services free of charge.

Hefner will work on some images to present to the transition team and then the options will be put up to a vote by the student body. That should take place sometime over the next few weeks.

The legal name for the schools is Central Valley Central School District but they were talking about being known as "Central Valley Academy," not only at the high school but on all of the school letterheads, buses, and athletic jerseys.

Another Student Identity Transition Team meeting will be held within the next two weeks to go over the graphics that will be created by Hefner.

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