Masucci: Townsend is milking taxpayers for political gain


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Republican Oneida County Sheriff Candidate Jim Masucci says his opponent in the September 14 primary, David Townsend, is using taxpayer dollars to advertise his run.

Masucci says two flyers were mailed out to residents in July stating what Townsend's political platform is. Masucci questioned the flyers, stating that if Townsend isn't seeking re-election to the Assembly, why does he need to advertise how he can help upstate. The flyers were mailed out from the Assembly.

"I just don't like the idea of wasting tax payer dollars," said Masucci. "That is what got us in this mess. I know that is commonplace in Albany. We don't need it here in Oneida County."

The flyers do not mention any political platforms about the Oneida County Sheriff's race.

In response to Masucci's claims, Townsend said he did not personally send the flyers out.

"Mail is usually handled by the majority," said Townsend. "I have no control when they go out. I am still the Assemblyman for the 115th district and (the flyers) are of issues important to the people in those districts. It was nothing political at all."

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