UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Authorities are continuing to search for a missing nine month old baby in the City of Utica, a baby whose father, police say, didn't report missing for two weeks. At a press conference held Wednesday morning, police said nine month old Levon Wameling was last seen on the doorstep of his home at 748 Jay Street in East Utica wearing a diaper, according to the child's father. Police say the father, Jevon Wameling, 27, was confronted by the child's grandmother regarding the baby's disappearance and the grandparents then went directly to the Oneida County District Attorney's Office. Wameling is not currently being charged, but police say he is being questioned. Police say the Levon's mother checked into rehab for drug use around the time of the disappearance. Utica Police along with New York State Police canine units have been searching the area around the 748 Jay Street apartment where the Wameling family lived, even using posters in hopes of finding baby Levon. "Right now our goal is to find the kid," said Utica Police Chief Mark Williams. Jevon Wameling tells police that he isn't sure what happened to his child. "He had a difficult time getting into his residence," said Sgt. Steve Hauck of what Jevon told police. "He left the child on the front steps and went around to the back of the house and when he went to get the child the child was gone." Police are not currently treating Jevon as a suspect, but they do admit his story doesn't add up. "I can't say exactly what went on during the interview, but suffice it to say that there is essentially no explanation for why you wouldn't report a child missing after two weeks," Sgt. Hauck said. Many outside services have been called to aid in the investigation such as Child Protective Services and the National Center for Missing Children. Police say they will continue searching day and night until baby Levon is found.