Mohawk couple delivers daughter on the side of the road


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - For Wayne Decker, roadside emergencies are nothing new. He works for AAA. But, little did he know, he'd be delivering his very own daughter on the side of 5s.

At 38 weeks pregnant, his wife's water broke at 11:50 Monday morning.

"I didn't think there was any rush," said Tiffany Decker. "No contractions at all."

Wayne worked the overnight shift for Johnston's Auto Body and was sleeping on the couch when his wife told him the news.

"So I get up, go brush my teeth, jump in the shower quick, which I probably shouldn't have done. Made a cup of coffee," said Wayne Decker.

While the couple was getting ready to head to the hospital, Wayne's mother got their Jeep Commander ready for the ride, laying down plastic and towels on the seat.

"By the time we got on to 5s the contractions were like 2 minutes apart," said Tiffany. "I told him, I can feel her head and he was like 'ok, we're going to be there soon' and I was like 'no- pull over' "

"We got up to probably about Dyke Road and I seen the whole head sticking out and I'm like 'Oh My God' " said Wayne.

So Wayne pulled over and ran around to Tiffany's side of the jeep.

"All the sudden she pushed and the shoulders started coming out and I'm like Oh My God! So, I just grabbed the shoulders, she pushed again and I just pulled her right out," said Wayne.

Adalina Argisa Decker was born at 12:26pm. She weighed 4lbs 9oz. Wayne wrapped her in blankets and turned the heat on in the Jeep. Tiffany is a nurse and she asked Wayne to clear out Adalina's nasal passage to make sure she could breathe.

"We don't have any syringes or anything, obviously, on the side of the road," said Wayne. "So she said, so I want you to stick your mouth over the baby's nose and suck. Make sure there is nothing in there."

"He goes- you want me to do what?? said Tiffany. "I go no..just suck out her nose."

"So I did it," said Wayne.

And then seconds later, Adalina cries for the first time. "It was simultaneous..we were like (sigh). Relief."

"Thank God nothing went wrong," said Wayne. "We were very fortunate and blessed that day. I'll tell you what. At first it was just adrenaline and then I was in shock for the rest of the ride to the hospital and then finally it just set in. Oh My God. I just delivered my daughter."

"He handled it very well. He did," said Tiffany. "I think he was a little torn between trying to race to the hospital or trying to help me because obviously he couldn't do both."

"I can almost forget my own birthday sometimes but I'll tell you what, I'll never forget hers," said Wayne.

Mother and baby are doing great and are recovering at St Luke's Memorial Hospital.

Adalina is also welcomed into the family by her older brother Aiden, who is 2 years old and thankfully was not in the Jeep at the time of the birth.

The Deckers did call 911 a couple of times during the process and an ambulance arrived about 15 minutes after the birth.

Once Adalina arrived at the hospital, doctors examined her and cut the umbilical cord.

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