Mohawk residents pass proposal for merger in straw vote

By Hilary Lane

MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Mohawk School District passed the proposal to merge the three Valley school districts 930 to 415 Wednesday.

A small group of local residents patiently sat and waited at Gregory Jarvis Jr./Sr. High School Wednesday in order to be the first to hear the results of the vote.

"I am happy because I voted for the proposition," said Edward Hassett, of Mohawk. "I have seven grandchildren left in the school and I want to see their education provided for."

"I am pleased," said Donald Gloo, of Mohawk. "I had seven kids graduate from this school and they all got a good eduction so I want to see it continue."

"I think it is best for the kids," said Molly Bonnell, of Mohawk. "I was pretty confident Mohawk was going to pass it. They were on board last time around. I think this proposal is even better so we are excited."

Close to 1,500 people in the district came out and made sure their voices were heard Wednesday.

Now that the results are in, school officials are focusing on the next step.

"People need to come out and vote for the final referendum," said Mohawk Interim Superintendent Eugene Beirne. "You learn it in elementary school when you take social studies. Every vote counts."

The binding vote will take place October 18.

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