Movie crew turns Adirondacks into 19th century Montana


OLD FORGE, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Bounty hunters and bandits are trolling through the Adirondacks.

"It's always fun playing the bad guy. Unfortunately, everything happens to me so I'm running through frozen lakes, snow, getting thrown around, getting shot at, tons of blood on me," said actor Paul McCarthy-Boyington.
The dramatic winter western called 'Blackwell' is the creation of a New York University film student. He's using the snowy mountains of Old Forge to re-create 19th century Montana.

"A bandit and a bounty hunter are traveling through the forest trying to return a stolen box of gold in exchange for a pardon. Along the way they meet some other characters who don't take so kindly to them and a lot of action happens," said Ed Barnes, the director.

Barnes' thesis is becoming movie-magic reality thanks to a 20-member crew and five actors including Sean Weil from Boardwalk Empire and Paul McCarthy-Boyington from shows like West Wing, Alias and Criminal Minds.

"I think it was on the costume fitting day when we first had them all in the room at the same time starting to read their lines and assume their characters- I think that's when we knew we had something quite special on our hands," said Barnes.

They came here for the trees and mass of snow and many of them say after a week of the Adirondack experience they plan on coming back.

"Gorgeous, beautiful, it's beautiful up here. I want to get rich enough to get a place up here sometime," said McCarthy-Boyington.

This movie is shining a light on the landscape, showing all the Adirondacks have to offer.

"Every time a team comes into town it's 18 people who have never been here and of 18 people, 18 people who want to come back," said Ximena Gardner, owner of Adirondack Mountain Productions.

A mix of up-and-coming talent and seasoned actors- this is a film you won't want to miss.

"When everybody's passionate about it that's when you start to see some real magic," said Barnes.

The short film will be entered in film festivals and you'll have a chance to see it in Old Forge in the fall.

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