National Weather Service confirms tornado touched down in Deerfield


DEERFIELD, N.Y. (WKTV) -- The National Weather Service surveyed damage in Deerfield Wednesday and determined a tornado did in fact touch down, creating a nightmare for residents.

"When I looked out the window I said, 'Oh my God, I don't have any trees left. What has happened?" said David Wilson.

Wilson's home suffered some of the worst damage. Large trees are strewn across the yard and the side of his home is ripped off.

"The tree top on that one came out and it hit the living room wall where we were sitting and it was like holy skat," said Wilson.

After surveying the damage first-hand and reviewing footage of a video taken outside the firehouse which shows a funnel cloud forming, The National Weather Service was able to determine a tornado was to blame.

"This would be classified as, they call it a weak tornado, which to people who have experienced this damage it doesn't seem weak to them," said Barbara Watson of the National Weather Service.

Not weak for the homeowner whose chimney is now tangled in fallen trees.

"I heard fire sirens, ambulances, National Grid was here. It was total chaos up until about midnight," said Lee Bellair, who lives on Walker Road.

Or for the dozens of people shaken by the storm, now sidestepping live wires as they try to pick up the pieces.

"Everybody in the neighborhood came out and hugged everybody and they made sure everybody was OK. People I didn't even know in the back neighborhood were coming and introducing themselves and making sure that everybody was OK," said Bellair.

There are no reported injuries- just a long cleanup ahead.

"Seventy-Eight years old, never experienced anything quite like this, quite so severe. So with that we set to, we started to clean last night, today we hit more and we're getting there," said Wilson.

The damage is so extensive, crews are unsure when they will be able to get the power turned back on.

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