Remembering the New Hartford fire victims


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Jennifer Moore, Joshua Morinitti and Jordan Morinitti, the three victims of last week's fire in New Hartford were remembered Friday night, as family and friends gathered at the St. John's Church in New Hartford for their funeral.

Josh and Jordan's Uncle Andrew Morinitti said the boys were bright spots in everyone's lives they touched, "It's not how long that star shines, it's how bright it shines.  They were on this earth to brighten people's day and show them quality of life."

Although the boys only walked a short time on earth, their Uncle said they impacted more lives than some do in a lifetime.

"He was a bundle of joy, a fire cracker packed in this little thing and for three years that I knew him he out shined everyone," said Morinitti. "And Josh, he was this old man, smart and wise old man in a 7 year old body."

Morinitti said the boys are in heaven, along with Jennifer Moore, whose friends and family all told NewsChannel 2 at the vigil what a spectacular woman and mother she was.

"They say when it rains on a funeral it's the heavens crying. We were just downstairs and the sun came out and my family said this is a sign," Morinitti said. "It rained until 4:00pm and now the sun is coming out. That's something.

"Their spirit is still around."

Morinitti's message to parents: Appreciate your kids for life is unpredictable.

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