OESJ school board remains quiet on superintendent's suspension

(WKTV) - Dozens of residents attended the Oppenheim-Ephratah-St. Johnsville school board meeting Monday night in the search for answers as to why Superintendent Laura Lawrence was placed on administrative leave.

However, the board remained tight lipped on the reasons why Lawrence was suspended, leaving the nearly 50 people who showed up looking for answers frustrated.

Lawrence was named superintendent in the spring and was placed on leave a few weeks ago. The board declined to say why at the time, calling it a personnel issue.

The board declined to speak with Newschannel 2 at the meeting.

Some of the residents who attended the meeting say the situation reflects poorly on the district's vision and the recent merger.

"That's what we voted for," said Fred Lacoppola, a resident who attended the meeting. "That vision where the kids would be getting an education.

"If nothing else happens, every election I think we'll be sure to get out strong and replace (the board) with people who have a real honest interest in these kids."

Back in February, a few months before Lawrence took the position, the school board decided to dismiss then-superintendent Dan Rossum and an elementary school principal.

As in Lawrence's case, the school board refused to give a reason for their actions.

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