Both Oneida County Sheriff candidates confident as they hit the polls


DECISION 2010 (WKTV) - Oneida County Sheriff candidate David Townsend did not have any trouble voting Tuesday morning.

The Republican candidate spent the day touring the county and visiting polling places. He stopped by the Oyster Stew Luncheon in Ava, a tradition for him on Election Day.

Townsend says the decision is now in the voters hands, and he is feeling as confident as ever.

"I think we had the right message," Townsend said. "We have the right background, the right experience. I got 20 years of service to the people in the legislature, close to another 20 years of service to them in law enforcement. So that has been a dedication in my life and a lot of people recognize that."

Townsend's opponent, Democrat Robert Maciol voted in New York Mills Tuesday afternoon.

The New York Mills Mayor and Whitesboro Police Officer says he is glad the campaigning is over. He is now sitting back and waiting for the results to come in - results he expects to end up in his favor.

"It's been very interesting, some of the support we have gotten, and I am very fortunate to have gotten their support," Maciol said. "It has come from all political parties, all walks of life and I think they just see that as a young energetic person, I think we're going to bring some positive change that the sheriff's office really needs."

Both candidates are looking to replace outgoing Sheriff Dan Middaugh who is retiring.

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