Oneida County won't release individuals' pistol permit info


After much clarification with NY State Police and other state officials, Oneida County's Pistol Licensing Office has determined they will not be releasing whether or not individuals have a pistol license-either universally on a database or individually to people inquiring about a specific person.

Dan Sullivan, of the county pistol licensing office, wants the 50-60 people calling his office every day, frantically scrambling for opt-out forms, to know that they don't need one. Sullivan says if people bring the form to his office, it will be placed in a box and put aside. Sullivan believes that disclosing the information would potentially put people in danger-both licensed owners and those who are not licensed and do not own guns.

"The criminal element, if this record becomes public, they know exactly where the guns are if they want to get guns or they know the houses that don't have guns to protect themselves so I refuse to release those records," says Sullivan.

The Herkimer County Clerk is accepting opt-out forms and consulting with the sheriff and county judge who oversees pistol licensing in terms of whose individual information can be disclosed and under what circumstances.

The Otsego County Clerk says they're not giving out anything for the 120-day 'freeze' period which is written in NY Safe Act in order to give license and gun owners time to fill out opt-out forms.

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