Otsego County takes the brunt of CNY snow storm


MORRIS, N.Y. (WKTV) -- The snow isn't sparing a single area in Central New York, but Otsego County is getting hit the hardest and residents in Morris are calling it the worst storm this season.

School was canceled and kids say this snow day took a lot of preparation.

"We had to put a spoon under our pillow, put ice cubes in the toilet, and light a purple candle, we had to wear our pajamas inside out," said 9-year-old Madison Aikins.

Even mom is turning shoveling into a game. In Central New York, it's all about looking on the bright side.

"It's been like -25 so this is like a heat wave and the snow helps keep it insulated so it's nice," said Alison Aikins.

While kids have the day off, for others, more snow means more work.

"It's a pain today, but oh well somebody's got to do it," said Adam Hulbert who was trudging through yards to fill homes with oil. Hulbert says he's been much busier than past winters.

"It stayed below zero for a week. A lot of people- some of these old houses every two weeks you're sticking in 200 gallons or people freeze to death," said Hulbert.

Residents say it's the worst storm of the season and eleven inches of heavy snow is making the clean up hard. But like true Central New Yorkers, they're digging out with smiles.

"I told my wife I was going out to work and she said I was going out to play which probably is the truth," said John Lull.

"Every snowflake brings joy to me. One, 'cause I'm plowin' make a couple dollars there and when I get my plowing done, hop on my Ski-Doo and I can go snowmobiling tonight," said Pete Stafford.

But where spring is concerned, Rich Elderkin says, "Anytime it can come, anytime it wants to."

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