Palmieri endorses Morehouse for Comptroller


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - In September's democratic primary election, voters in Utica voted for current Utica Common Council member Jim Zecca over current Utica Common Council President Bill Morehouse as the democratic candidate for City Comptroller.

With 14,000 registered voters in Utica, only 843 turned out for the primary, that's less than 10 percent..  The final vote was 459 votes for Zecca, 384 for Morehouse.  Zecca won 54.38% to 45.50%.

Morehouse did not bow out and is still running for comptroller on the Independence Party line.

Thursday morning, Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri, a Democrat himself announced he is throwing his support behind the Independence Party candidate, Morehouse, and not the democrat's choice, Jim Zecca.

The mayor is also endorsing a number of candidates for common council seats, and he made his endorsements announcement with all of them at the former Bossert's site just off of the arterial, which is where construction is underway for a new United Auto Supply store.

The site was chosen for the announcement because the mayor says it's a sign things are improving in the city and the mayor wants to keep that momentum going, "After serving nearly two years as Mayor, I am confident that our City is moving in the right direction.  Through economic development initiatives, like Nano-Utica, we have a window of opportunity to ensure prosperity and a high quality of life for future generations.  In order to capitalize on this opportunity, it is essential we elect people to the Common Council and the Comptroller's office who believe in working together and have the City of Utica's best interest at heart."

Morehouse says he is honored to get the mayor's endorsement, "You need to work together.  Part of being a successful city is having people that can work together, you can't have obstructionists all over the place.  It's really an exciting time for Utica."

We have not been able to reach Councilman Zecca to get his response on the Mayor's endorsement of Morehouse.

The candidates Palmieri endorsed for Common Council are  :

Dave Testa - 2nd Council District

Dan Trevisani - 3rd Council District

Joe Moreno - 4th Council District

Jerome McKinsey - 5th Council District

Frank Meola - At Large Seat

Ed Bucciero - At Large Seat

Jack LoMedico - At Large Seat

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