Pastor: "Faith will get Wyman's family through this"


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Deputy Kurt Wyman was a husband, father, son and brother. Still, the busy 24-year-old managed to make it to church every weekend.

"All of us are certainly kind of grieving over this, but he also was a man of faith and that was very much a part of his life and his family's life and that faith is carrying his wife and him now," says Crosspoint Church Pastor Sam Macri.

Macri says that, in spite of his busy life, Deputy Kurt Wyman found time to serve as a role model for youth of the church.

"He would go with them on trips, concerts, you name it, he and Lauren were both involved with our young people and, yes, he was a mentor that a lot of our young men looked up to and said, 'I want to be like that.'"

Faith was a driving force in Deputy Wyman's life. He was a graduate of Maranatha Christian Academy. While attending, he worked at Symeon's Greek Restaurant in Yorkville from 2003-2006. His former boss remembers him fondly.

"Just a real good, down to earth kid...just a good worker, just a nice, personable kid," says Symeon Tsoupelis.

Wyman also served his country. He was a Marine Reservist who was activated in 2008 and served a tour of duty in Iraq. Upon returning home, he went to work at the Oneida County Sheriff's Department Waterville Field Office. Wyman served distinguished himself in his three and a half-year career with the department, winning two Grand Cordon Medals for work on major cases. He was Rookie of the Year in 2010.

Wyman's Pastor says his loss will be particularly difficult on the youth of the church who looked up to Wyman.

"We need to be praying for them," Pastor Macri said. "This is a lot for them to take in and we're going to be having a time tonight just for people to come at our church at 6 o'clock. The doors will be open and people can come and just, if they need to cry they can cry. If they want to remember, they can remember. If they want to sing they can sing."

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