Police surround home believed to have suspect in North Utica shooting inside


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica police surrounded a home on McVean Street for several hours Wednesday night. Originally there was concern that the man who's responsible for shooting his girlfriend at the Parkedge Townhouses in North Utica could have been inside.

From around 6 pm. to just before 10 pm., police were surrounding the West Utica home on McVean Street. While police say they can not go into the details of why they were brought to that home, they had a big interest there. Police were trying to get a response from someone inside and taking full precautions.

Police in full armor were outside the home, securing the area and calling out to see if someone was inside. With no response police eventually breached the front door. They then backed away and continued to be armed and on the scene.

McVean Street was blocked for the time while police were there. They were asking nearby residents outside to stay away in case it turned into a dangerous situation with Jerry McNair potentially inside.

"Anytime you have somebody that's walking around that shot and, for all intents and purposes, attempted to kill another person, they're a dangerous individual. We have no reason to believe he isn't armed," said Sgt. Steve Hauck earlier in the day.

If you've seen the man in question Jerry McNair, or think you know where he is, call Utica Police at 315 -223- 3510.

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