Pre- Prom Motor Vehicle Demonstration

By WKTV News

WATERVILLE, NY - Blood, guts and gore were part of the theme today at Waterville High School as student's witnessed a mock motor vehicle accident. They learned this could be a reality if they aren't careful behind the wheel.

With prom season creeping up, Garry Johnson, the Deputy Fire Coordinator for Oneida County felt it was the perfect time to show an example about the importance of being safe while driving.

The scene was staged with a minivan full of drunk teenagers, played by student's, that crashed into a pickup truck with a solo driver. After the crash, two ambulances, fire trucks, cops and a helicopter and a hearse rushed onto the scene to show the student's the process and severity of motor vehicle accidents.

Johnson said, " I have three children of my own and I have four grand children and I just don't want to see anything stupid happen to them that's all it boils down to. So if we can save one child's life the process of a DWI it is well worth it."

The students witnessed what could easily become a reality for them. They saw their friends bloodied up, one dangling from the window of the van and one boy being arrested for driving under the influence.

Shaun Wiley, a senior at the high school said it was hard for him to watch.

"I guess if I rolled up and saw my friends in there I wouldn't be able to do much because I'd be in shock."

One student ended up on a stretcher, another to be flown to the hospital and the last girl ended up in the back of the hearse.

The ultimate goal today was to teach these students about the danger's of driving under the influence and to make sure they protect themselves so they don't end up like their fellow peers, with life long damages or dead.

The program is apart of the Stop DWI Initiative. The agencies that made this day possible include: Oriskany Falls Volunteer Fire Dept and Ambulance, Waterville Fire Dept., Deansboro Fire Dept.,
North Brookfield Fire Dept., Waterville Volunteer Ambulance Corps. and Mercy Flight Helicopter.

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